PeerMe 0.9.33

No Image PeerMe, Inc.,, is a privately held international peer-to-peer communications technology company with offices in Mountain View, Calif., Tokyo, Japan, South Korea, India, Bulgaria and Austin, Tex. PeerMe has developed an instant messaging platform which supports Peer to Peer Voice, PC to PC and PC to handheld voice communications, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer file transfer all over public Internet connections. PeerMeā€™s vision

BIGSPEED Peer-to-Peer SDK 3.0: Agent/Hub components for private peer-to-peer.
BIGSPEED Peer-to-Peer SDK 3.0

BigSpeed Peer-to-Peer SDK is a set of two COM components (Agent and Hub) that lets you set up a virtual private peer-to-peer (P2P) network for secure file sharing and messaging. The security is provided in two different modes: symmetric encryption with shared secret key and asymmetric encryption with 1024-bit public/private keys.

private, secure, peer to peer

wodVPN 2.2.3: Creates virtual private network with another wodVPN instance on another computer
wodVPN 2.2.3

peer-to-peer ActiveX component that is used to establish Virtual Private Network between two wodVPN instances over internet. All communication between those peers is encrypted and secured. Peers are able to forward local and remote ports, send messages, etc. UDP packets are used to transfer data between peers, in which case several techniques are available to make direct NAT 2 NAT connection between peers. And if direct connection is not possible

port forwarding, object, encrypt, wodvpn, virtual private network, secure, activex, encrypted, security, nat2nat, control, peer to peer

PeerFactor Provider 1.06: PeerFactor Provider is a P2P that allows you to legally gain music and games.
PeerFactor Provider 1.06

Usually with peer to peer software, you share your bandwidth and can get unlimited access to content available on other PCs from the network. PeerFactor works in a different way. You install the PeerFactor client and share your unused bandwidth and some CPU with them. They sell these capacities to their customers. And finally you get rewarded with an unlimited music (or game) subscription similar to "Yahoo! Music Unlimited".


PIPL 2.50 D: Lean & quick MP3 player & playlist editor with built in peer-to-peer networking
PIPL 2.50 D

PIPL is not only a lean and quick MP3 player and playlist editor, it also has built in peer-to-peer networking and ID3 tag editing. New in this version is the ability to print your MP3 collection. You can evaluate PIPL for 14 days, after which peer-to-peer networking, ID3 tag editing and printing are disabled, but you can still use all the other features with no restriction.

internet, multimedia, jukebox, music, player, print, peer to peer, playlist

wodBeep ActiveX component is a peer-to-peer connection

ActiveX component is a peer-to-peer connection convenient to label each peer to behave in context of Listener(Server) or Initiator(Client). Component comes with several profiles included such as: SINK/ECHO profiles for testing, ROT13 profile that will grab message data, ZIP Tuning profile that will compress contents of messages on the fly, SYSLOG Raw and Cooked profiles for transmitting(and recieving) syslog messages...

protocol, wodbeep, connection, asynchronus, secure, beep, weonlydo, security, peer, communicate

Collanos Workplace Windows Collanos enables teams. Free, secure P2P collaboration tool for teams.
Collanos Workplace Windows

peer-to-peer synchronization, online and offline. Collanos Workplace base version is free. Collaboration has never been more simple, secure and practical. Within minutes you can be sharing documents, having online discussions, and managing tasks, all in a single, consolidated space. Built on reliable peer-to-peer technology, Collanos Workplace software allows you to work anywhere, anytime, both online and offline. Collanos allows ad hoc, cross-organizational

teamwork, collaboration software, voip, collaboration, secure messaging, free, project management, freeware, groupware, instant messaging, file sharing, document management, task management

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